Feedback from the thousands of applications installed
to date has enabled the Emmegi group to gather important information.

We consider each new challenge as an opportunity to surpass our limits and discover new solutions in lightweight alloys, aluminium, and PVC processing. That’s why we have always kept up to speed with the advanced technologies that allow us to respond fast to emerging production requirements. We know that our success depends on the success of our customers. And that’s the background to our hallmark dedication to delivering top quality equipment and technical services all over the world.

Planning your production quality

Wherever there is a demand for high precision, fast execution, and sure reliability, Emmegi products provide a fitting response with their unparalleled quality levels and superior performance. We offer a comprehensive range that allows us to equip an entire plant with any level of process automation with a fully scalable system that is capable of fulfilling all production requirements. From small shopfloors to large scale integrated and fully automated plants with remote control and management, we ensure the optimal integration between humans and automation systems, fine-tuning each contribution in a truly effective manner.

The value of a success story

A pioneering spirit, combined with the drive to innovate and achieve qualitative excellence – as expressed in several thousand installed applications – have allowed us to create a precious store of technical skills in aluminium profiles processing.
This experience is the basis for research and development of an endless series of innovative technological solutions, supporting a process of ongoing product evolution and allowing us to penetrate new sectors. Our comprehensive range of machines for cutting and machining operations has gradually been extended with equipment for materials handling, logistics, assembly, welding, crimping and packaging, until creating a complete system for the production of door/window and curtain walls in aluminium, PVC and lightweight alloys.
Today we can draw on an extensive and detailed store of project data, analysed and arranged in accordance with the approach of system designers, users, market analysts, logistics experts and programmers.
We understand the product development process, starting from input from the market, progressing to the technical experimentation stage, which is tempered by Emmegi’s hands-on know-how, until arriving at the optimal solution, perfected by the application of the very latest technology. To support our constant research activities we always ensure we dispose of the very best tools for design and digital management of the product lifecycle, enabling us to virtualize and validate each solution before the prototyping stage.

Technology is nothing without control

The technological quality of Emmegi solutions is completed by the development of all the automation and control equipment in-house. In addition to compiling machine control software, we develop the optimal IT solutions for the design of windows, automation of customers’ industrial processes, and monitoring, collection and centralised processing of plant operating data in order to optimise management control aspects.

A complete process in our hands

We believe that excellence is a consequence of stringent quality controls in each stage of the production process. Starting from the conversion of raw materials, the entire production cycle – machining, assembly, painting, design of production plants, software programming – is performed in-house. And the experience and skill of our specialised personnel, combined with 100% checking of our production output, enables us to guarantee the absolute reliability and safety of each Emmegi product.


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